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·   DaFeng Environment Egi 2010-05-15
·  DaFeng Environment Egis 2010-05-05
·  asfa 2010-01-14
·  这是一条测试的企业新闻动态 2006-10-01
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     DaFeng Environment Egis Equipment Factory of Yuhuan County lies in the so-called Pearl of East Sea-YuHuan County,which stands in the southeast coastal area of ZheJiang Province,the economy developed TaiZhou Goldden Delta to the north and the beautiful national-level landscape of YanDang Mountain to the east. 
         Our factory specializes in developing, producing and selling the fittings and auxilliary products of water purifiers...

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Address: Xuanmen lndustrial Park,
Lupu Town,Yuhuan County,Zhejiang Province,China
Tel :0576-87424339 (Domestic Trade)
0576-87424559 (Foreign Trade)
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